Thames Valley prepares for end of school year

Posted On Friday June 18, 2021

With the last day of classes for students quickly approaching, Thames Valley schools are busy planning opportunities for students, families and teachers to collect personal belongings and participate in year-end recognitions for in-person learners. 

“We know this year has been difficult and appreciate the adaptability and understanding of our students, families and staff,” said Mark Fisher, Director of Education. “It is our hope that schools can find opportunities for students to reconnect before the summer and celebrate their accomplishments.” 

Year-End Recognitions/Graduation Ceremonies
Schools have prepared virtual graduation ceremonies for students in Grade 8 and 12. 

In addition, the Ministry of Education has allowed schools to provide scheduled, outdoor, in-person year-end recognitions for all grades, where possible. For those students who are available during school hours, this is an opportunity to connect with peers and teachers and end this challenging year in a positive way.  

These short, in-person opportunities will allow for the retrieval of personal items left at the school prior to Spring Break, elementary report card distribution, and the return of Board materials and devices.

For those secondary schools who traditionally plan a Fall Commencement, more details will be provided by individual schools. 

Device Return 

Families who have borrowed student computing devices are asked to return these devices at the end of June to their home schools. It is hoped that this will occur during outdoor, in-person year-end recognitions. 

Students who are participating in summer learning programs will have an opportunity to return these devices to regional sites at the end of summer school. Students continuing Full Remote Learning next year may keep their devices for the upcoming school year if required. Full Remote Learning students will receive information soon about arranging for the drop off of loaned computing devices.

More specific information about device drop-off times and locations will be provided to families from their school Principal or from summer school administrators. 

Report Cards and Retrieval of Personal Belongings 

Elementary students

Students who were enrolled for In-Person Learning will have an opportunity to retrieve their personal belongings and receive their final Report Card (or Kindergarten Communication of Learning Report) from their school at the end of June. It is hoped that this will occur during the outdoor, in-person year-end recognitions.  

Elementary students who are enrolled in Full-Remote Learning will receive an email that contains a secure link to their password-protected report card. Any family who would like a printed copy of their report card can contact their home school.

Secondary students

Students will have an opportunity to retrieve their personal belongings and return Board materials (such as textbooks, musical instruments, etc.) at the end of June. It is hoped that this will occur in conjunction with year-end recognitions.  

Secondary student report cards will be distributed electronically. At the end of June, the designated primary family contact for each student (or students 18 and over) will receive an email containing a secure link to you/your child’s password-protected report card. Any family who would like a printed copy can contact their home school.

Scheduling alternate times for drop off/ pick up

Schools will communicate additional opportunities to return loaned devices and retrieve personal belongings to those students and families unable to attend planned year-end recognitions.  

Families are encouraged to reach out to their home school for more information on year-end procedures.

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